Chinese health prophylaxis

Recently, we have been observing the recommendations of numerous naturopaths regarding the use of high doses of vitamin C in the treatment of coronavirus and in preventing the disease. Some report that such methods have been used in China. Well, in Chinese hospitals, COMPLEMENTARY METHODS OF CHINESE MEDICINE ARE USED, i.e. acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibution and other techniques that bring spectacular effects. Let’s compare how the Chinese dealt with the virus and the situation we have in Europe now.

Acupuncture, herbs and an adequate regime have allowed China to cope with the epidemic in a short time. Only understanding the thermals and energetic influence of each substance on our body gives a chance for precise and effective treatment. The same is true of all medications used in Western medicine, whose energetics is interpreted according to their effects. Anti-inflammatory drugs are cold by nature because they are able to lower a fever and get rid of inflammation. With the pathogen, cold and moisture will worsen the patient’s condition. Coronavirus is associated with the entry of cold and moisture into the body. If in this case we use cooling substances, such as vitamin C, ibuprofen, the situation will worsen, especially at the beginning of the infection.

Vitamin C taken for preventive purposes is a mistake. The scary thing is that it can no longer be bought, so many people had to stock up on it. Taking high doses of vitamin C cools the body, which facilitates the penetration of pathogens, in particular the coronavirus. In addition, when an infection begins, the sour taste prevents the virus from being released as it keeps it inside. When we feel that „something is taking us”, we should immediately use the sweating method – fresh ginger infusion, raspberry juice, hot bath and other grandma’s methods (but not milk with honey). This stage cannot be missed. THEN WE NEVER USE VITAMIN C.

We hope that thanks to the experience with controlling the epidemic that has affected the whole world, in the future we will all take advantage of the possibility of faster recovery from similar crises and it will be possible to use effective complementary therapies offered by Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, support yourself through warm breakfasts – rice congee, food soups and other warm meals, proper hydration, meditation, positive thinking, proper sleep and rest, this is the best prevention. We guarantee no side effects.

The text comes from zlotysrodek.com.pl